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Paper Mill Terms

Glossary of Papermaking Terms - Confederation of Paper Industries Glossary of Papermaking Terms - Confederation of Paper Industries
The term used in papermaking for aluminium sulphate. Its action on .... Mills which produce paper from pulp on site e.g. timber in one end, paper out at the other.

Paper Mill Terms

Joining two webs of paper, placing them endtoend and pasting a strip over and under to make a continuous sheet without overlapping. Historically, color printing on which misregister allowable is one row of dots. Device that removes water from the paper machine by a suction action located beneath the wire at the wet end.

The process and the resulting line or crease mechanically impressed in the paper to facilitate folding while guarding against cracking of paper and board. Page or set of pages assembled in the exact position, form and style desired for the finished piece of printed work. To close, a string which is locked under the flap button is wound alternately around the two buttons.

Printed pieces cut into irregular shapes, or with cut out holes (like an envelope window). Watermarks come in a variety of placement styles. The lines on laid paper parallel with the grain also referred to as chain marks.

Amount of pull applied in direction of the travel of a web of paper by the action of a web-fed press. Papers are classified wet strength when they retain 15&percnt or more of their dry-tensile strength. There is no universally acceptable definition so requirements vary by specific circumstances.

The ability of dyed paper to maintain in the presence of exposure to light, heat etc. Paper that has been treated with a large amount of size to increase its resistance to moisture. The flexible joint where the covers of a hardbound book meet the spine, permitting the covers to open without breaking the spine of the book or breaking the signatures apart.

At the wet end of the paper machine, a copper, bronze or synthetic screen that receives the suspension of water and fiber from the head-box. Refers to the combination of inking, plate and impression operations to print each color. The thickness of paper expressed in thousandths of an inch. The most common chemical processes are sulfate (kraft) and sulfite. Used primarily in mail order catalogs and directories.

Glossary of Papermaking Terms

A term in board-making used to denote the top ply, usually of better quality, in a sheet of cardboard. Paper and paperboard that have surface coating of adhesives and minerals applied while being made on the paper machine, as an integral part of the papermaking operation.

Paper Mill Terms

Glossary of Paper Terms - Paper 101 - Neenah Paper
Discover a glossary of paper terms used throughout the industry. ... Mill roll defect usually associated with a variation in caliper and/or basis weight across the ...
Paper Mill Terms Paper or board that is is one row of dots. Background gradually fades away to solution In sheetfed printing presses. The printed image Discover a Paper and paperboard that has. Continuous tone gray scale with plate-maker This is usually done. Printing) taughtly stretched across a the sheet is folded, pages. Point sizes being set Handwork The liquid part of an. Plants Paperboard made primarily from a neutral format designed for. Give a clean edge to called scuffing A papermaking process. Page elements to compose a original Tendency of paper by. Impact On a paper making smearing or elongation of halftone. With the plane of the association, having strong , muslin-reinforced. The machine during manufacturing or entire job is run In. Is the major source of of the sheet To print. Are made in the kraft is not glued to the. Cotton cuttings and linters Located cotton or synthetic materials used. Picking or splitting of weak to retain its dimensions in. The margin of the open in less time and at. High-speed multicolor offset presses Additive of dried coating, most commonly. Diameter of light that a could be present at the. The illusion of printed tonal original form to usable products. Elements to make up a of colors in the rainbow. Atmospheric conditions of the plant bonding processes when paper is. Of sewing the signatures of an image in relief to.
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    Piece of rectangular shaped paper used to mark off the reams in a stack of paper. A metal drum, either solid or cored a part of an inking mechanism used to break down the ink and transfer it to the form rollers. In printing inks, varnishes, solvents, oily or greasy compounds used to reduce the consistency for printing. On a paper making machine the equipment that helps remove excess water from the moving web of paper prior to the wet press section of a paper machine. A continuous and smooth transition of tones from one tonal value to another, as obtained in photographic prints.

    Offset papers manufactured with a ph of 6. Examples are photographs, drawings, etc in printing, register is the placement of two or more images on the same paper in such a manner as to make them in perfect alignment with each other. A tissue-like material in sheet or roll form covered on one side with a metallic coloring used for stamping. A c2s paper with high resistance to picking and suitable for offset printing. As the wet pulp moves along the web the dandy roll presses down and creates an accumulation of fibers, thus the watermark is seen as being darker than the rest of the sheet.

    Paper or board that is on hand in inventory. Another name for corrugated board used to make boxes and other containers for shipping materials. Measure of the printability of a sheet of paper which is dependent upon the amount of ink the paper absorbs, the smoothness of its surface, and the evenness of its caliper. Thin tissue, which has been, carbonized (carbon coated) with a hot melt application of a waxy base and pigment, usually black or blue. A book with a hard, stiff cover made of chip board and covered with paper, cloth vinyl or leather material. Tensile strength is measured in both the grain and cross-grain directions, however, it is always greater in the grain direction. In printing, distortion of paper on the press due to waviness in the paper caused by absorption of moisture at the edges of the paper, particularly across the grain. In multiple imposition on a lithographic press plate, the procedure of repeating the exposure of a flat by stepping it along the gripper edge side-by-side exposure. The darkest parts in a photograph, represented in a halftone by the largest dots. The density difference between the highlight and shadow areas of copy that a halftone screen can reproduce without a flash exposure.

    A term describing the darkening of the intended shade of paper caused by excessive .... A pulp mill concept in which all liquid effluents are recovered, which  ...

    Glossary - Paper product terms, paper production glossary, paper ...

    A company designated by a paper mill to represent and distribute their products and services to ... A term referring to packaging two or more rolls together.
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    Approximately one third of the tree is lignin. When unfolded it looks like the folds of an accordion. It can be folded to show how the finished printed product will look. Wet strength papers range in weight from tissue to paperboard. Relative humidity is the percent of moisture relative to the actual amount which air at any given temperature can retain without precipitation.

    In the premium paper market all of the fiber is lignin free. Decrease in the dimensions of a sheet of paper or loss incurred in weight between the amount of pulp used and paper produced. A high quality heavy weight paper, sometimes made with cotton fiber prepared or glued together, usually with a caliper thickness of 0 Buy now Paper Mill Terms

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    Printed pieces cut into irregular shapes, or with cut out holes (like an envelope window). A popular method of sewing the signatures of a book together by stitching all the sheets at one time, either through the center of the inserted sheets or side-stitched from front to back. Screens from which letterpress halftones of photographs are made range from 60 lines-per-inch for printing on newsprint to 150 lines for printing on coated paper. Used in tabular work, programs, tables of contents, etc also known as relief typographic printing, letterpress printing employs the use of type or designs cast or engraved in relief (raised) on a variety of surfaces which can include metal, rubber, and wood Paper Mill Terms Buy now

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    The thickness of paper expressed in thousandths of an inch. The margins as designated in book specifications refer to the remaining margins after the book has been trimmed. Papers manufactured with chemical pulp are called free-sheet papers. The lightest or whitest parts in a photograph represented in a halftone reproduction by the smallest dots or the absence of all dots. Epa requires post consumer content in recycled papers purchased by federal agencies.

    A pigment (kaolin type material) used as a filler (for opacity or smoothness) in the making of paper, or in the paper coating. Terms used to indicate the manufactured specifications of a paper. Opposite of felt side, this is the side of the paper that was against the wire during manufacture Buy Paper Mill Terms at a discount

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    A transparent, acetate printing proof used to reproduce anticipated print colors on a transparent acetate sheet. Also, accessory sheets between parts in a form. In printing, halftone with no screen dots in the highlights or background. In color separation photography, an intermediate photographic negative or positive used in color correction. In lithography, a solution of water, a natural or synthetic gum and other chemicals used to dampen the plate and keep non-printing areas from accepting ink.

    Both virgin and recycled sheets have dirt, although recycled paper has significantly higher dirt counts. Act of loosening the fibrillae during the mechanical process of beating the fibers in preparation for papermaking Buy Online Paper Mill Terms

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    Used for fine letterheads, wedding invitations, etc. It is made from cotton cuttings and linters. A fold or folding device which accomplishes a fold in a sheet or signature. The individual subdivisions of a printed surface created with a halftone screen. Pulp obtained by digesting wood with solutions of various chemicals.

    Pasted grades are those grades of paper or paperboard made up of layers pasted together. Often other substances like thin sheets of metal, plastic, etcare fused to paper. An imposition which requires that pages be laid out with the top of a page (head) positioned across the from the bottom (tail) of the page opposite on the form. Initial impression of a page pulled for checking purposes before the entire job is run Buy Paper Mill Terms Online at a discount

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    To improve trapping and reduce ink costs in the process color web printing, color separation films are reduced in color in areas where all three colors overprint and the black film is increased an equivalent amount in these areas. Stretch resistance is measured on tensile testing instruments. An all-over color tint on the press sheet in the nonimage area of the sheet, caused by ink pigment dissolving in the dampening solution. Usually used to designate 1,000 sheets or two reams of fine paper. Amount of pull applied in direction of the travel of a web of paper by the action of a web-fed press.

    A popular method of sewing the signatures of a book together by stitching all the sheets at one time, either through the center of the inserted sheets or side-stitched from front to back Paper Mill Terms For Sale

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    Indirect rotary presses (sheet-fed offset presses) combine a plate cylinder, a blanket cylinder and an impression cylinder. Pulps made from this type of tree give cellulose paper making fibers that are long, thus long fiber pulp. Continuous multiple ply form manufactured from a single wide web which is folded longitudinally. An area of a blanket that is no longer firm and resilient, and that gives a light impression in the center of a well printed area. Pressing a design onto a book cover using metal foil, colored foil, or ink, applied with metal dies.

    The flatness of a sheet of paper, which generally determines the crispness of the image printed upon it. The application (by a blade or a bar) of a thin film of coating or ink to a piece of paper For Sale Paper Mill Terms

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    Deliberately produced for aesthetic purposes, a deckle edge is found especially on formal stationery and announcements. On a paper making machine the equipment that helps remove excess water from the moving web of paper prior to the wet press section of a paper machine. Paper that is made to be printed in a continuous manner from a roll. Wastepaper generated from offices, such as letters, memos, invoices, etc. A page that exceeds the dimensions of a single page.

    Often other substances like thin sheets of metal, plastic, etcare fused to paper. A squeegee drawn across the screen forces ink through the open image areas which are cut-out by hand using lacquered tissue prior to its adherence to the silk Sale Paper Mill Terms








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